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Established 20 years ago, Ortho Solutions has become a leader in the foot and ankle market with a unique and wide-ranging implant product portfolio. We strive to offer and develop evidence based clinical solutions in collaboration with specialist foot and ankle surgeons which ultimately provides patients with a better quality of life. OS combines this offering with industry leading, surgeon led educational programmes. Everyone in the OS team is passionate and dedicated to the advancement of foot and ankle surgery.

Our ultimate goal, which we continually strive to achieve, is to help patients, suffering from painful and debilitating foot and ankle conditions, to regain their mobility. We believe that our focus helps ensure that we are better able to design improved surgical solutions in partnership with specialist surgeons, which help their patients get back on their feet.

Regaining mobility can mean very different things to different patients and can be dependent on a multitude of factors. Some patients would like to get back to demanding sporting activities whilst for others pain free walking will suffice. We also recognise that notwithstanding the goals of individual patients, that the correction of a deformity or injury, whether it be due to acute trauma or a planned elective procedure corrective fusion of bone remains the primary goal of the surgeon.

Each individual team member at Ortho Solutions has this primary focus. Our group of development engineers collaborate with specialist surgeons to find optimum ways to improve the design of foot and ankle instrument and implant systems in order to enhance these fusion rates and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the surgical procedure.

Essential to this is the development process which is fully inclusive and collaborative in nature and combines the expertise of clinicians with that of the design engineers. This partnership approach ensures that as a group we are able to collate, assess and validate innovative surgical and engineering ideas and refine them down to meaningful product enhancements. The teams are constantly looking at developing innovative and evidence based surgical solutions for clinical indications in the forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot and ankle.

All our product developments are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest standards and meet all the requisite international quality and regulatory standards which is further demonstrated by our exemplary external audit records.