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UltOS™ Foot Plating System

One system. Multiple options.

A comprehensive system designed to address a number of indications in forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot surgery.

UltOS Foot Plating System

Flexible plate and screw configurations.

Plate Range

Arthodesis Wedge Plate
Calcaneal Step Plate
General Fusion Plate
General Fusion ‘T’ Plate
General Fusion ‘X’ Plate
Lapidus Plate
Metatarsophalangeal Plate
Opening Wedge Locking Plate
Opening Wedge Osteotomy Plate
Rearfoot Reconstruction Plate
Tarsal Fusion Plate
Universal Locking Plate

Screw configurations:

Screw type  Diameter (mm)  Length (mm)
Locking 2.7 12 lengths :  8 – 30
Non locking 2.7 12 lengths :  8 – 30
Locking 3.5 15 lengths :  10 – 50
Non locking 3.5 15 lengths :  14 – 50



One tray of instruments for ease of use and efficiency. Colour coding of plates and screws to aid plate selection. Small and large compression and distraction devices available. Sterile packaged and non sterile packaged implants options.