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Ortho Solutions has partnered with Meshworks in the UK for patient specific implants

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In the treatment of Significant Bone Loss, it can be difficult for surgeons to prescribe a standard, off-the-shelf implant that caters for each individual patient anatomy and their function. Traditionally, patients presenting with large bone defects within the Foot and Ankle have had to compromise to a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. There is a strong clinical precedent for titanium implant scaffolds in bone reconstruction surgeries, and they typically give excellent clinical outcomes.

Our Ultimate goal in Ortho Solutions has always been, and what we will always continue to strive for, is to provide the most appropriate surgical solution for patients and their outcome. We have been involved in providing bespoke, patient-specific implants since 2015 to the UK Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Cohort. There is no doubt that the need for this technology and Patient specificity is paramount in providing optimal patient function and Outcome, in order to enhance quality of life.

Our Aim at Ortho Solutions, is to maintain superior design and manufacturing options but also allowing this solution accessible to all hospital providers within the UK. Ortho Solutions and Meshworks are exclusively collaborating to provide this opportunity to the UK Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Cohort and their patients.


About Meshworks

Meshworks are the medical arm of the Alloyed group of companies who specialise in advanced materials and 3D-printing.

Based in Oxford, Meshworks has scientific roots in Oxford and Imperial. The company consists of a strong team of orthopaedic design engineers, additive manufacturing specialists, software engineers, and metallurgists. This multidisciplinary team has been guided by leading surgeons throughout all aspects of its research and development, to create an exceptional implant and straight-forward surgeon design experience.

Meshworks’ design and production platform has been designed in close collaboration with surgeons to create an intuitive design process which can be used to plan the most complex cases. By combining advanced design tools with rapid, state-of-the-art manufacturing, Meshworks aims to reduce patient readmission and improve quality of life for patients with a broad range of bone conditions.

Implants are produced in Oxford in their ISO13485 accredited manufacturing facility. Using Selective Laser Melting, implants are built layer by layer from titanium alloy powder. Under a validated quality management system, each implant and its associated surgical instruments are independently evaluated to ensure they meet the prescription before being delivered directly to hospital.



With over six years of experience in the use of additive manufacturing techniques in reconstructing adult foot and ankle deformity and bone loss, I am excited by the prospects that the Meshworks’ implants offer for the future of our patients.

Meshworks have developed a unique Voronoi pattern truss cage which is biocompatible and with biomechanical properties designed to integrate into bone voids using standard internal fixation methods.

With the Meshworks team, the surgeon feels fully engaged in the process of design with their engineers, who are trained to listen to the specific patient and surgeon needs. In terms of manufacturing, there is meticulous attention to making a compatible implant that is designed fit for purpose. Quality control is first class such that every individual implant is tested before being sent for implantation.

It is exciting to consider a top-quality UK-based manufacturer in additive manufacturing that can achieve this standard without the expense of foreign competitors and in a much more timely fashion.

Mark B Davies BM FRCS (Tr &Orth)
Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.


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