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We recognise the importance of striving for excellence in all that we do.

We continually strive to meet all the standards expected of a responsible medical device supplier. Our quality ethos is embedded throughout our organization and whether we are designing a new product, inspecting a newly manufactured component, or dispatching goods from our warehouse, we aim do so within the framework of our established quality system.

  • Designing


  • Inspecting


  • Delivering


Our design teams work within a clearly defined quality and regulatory framework.
We also ensure that our products are manufactured in controlled environments and adhere to the specifications required.

Whilst progressing through the manufacturing process our products are inspected at regular intervals and a series of final validations are carried out before products are packaged, sterilised and stored in our warehouse ready for shipment to our customers.

We ensure that we adhere to the regulatory requirements of all the countries in which our product are sold and must be ready to be audited by any of these regulatory authorities at any time.